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Our Key Contributors:



An engineer with an MBA in finance, Rob specializes in the digital transformation of companies’ supply chain and marketing, creating new paradigms for B2B clients and sustainable growth for B2C. His wheelhouse is in marketing automation, e-commerce, logistics and returns as well as process improvements.



Tom lends his expertise to America’s leading technology companies, driving sales through corporate innovation in IT, product information management, data asset management and business process management. He is also the co-host and contributor of the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Price of Business”, focused on the technology segment.

Brian Millsap

Hampton Products: Getting to ROI in Real Time

Senior VP, Chief Information Officer, Hampton Products

As SVP & CIO of Hampton Products manages IT and Customer Care which extend to Order Management, Customer Service and Consumer Care. He leverages technology together with service leadership to bring excellence to a thriving company. For over 30 years, Hampton has grown by providing outstanding performance for its customers. The company’s high quality residential hardware, lighting and travel security products are backed by unsurpassed warranty protection. Hampton’s unique, creative merchandising programs, outstanding service levels and on-time delivery have enabled its retailed customers to increase category share while improving profits and customer satisfaction.

Scott Taylor

The Data Whisperer

Scott Taylor, known as The Data Whisperer, is a globally recognized thought leader and a consultant on the strategic value of proper data management. As Principal of MetaMeta Consulting, he provides Data Evangelism-as-a-Service to help enterprises and tech brands tell their data story by focusing on the WHY of business alignment rather than the HOW of technical implementation.

Brian Beck

Author, Billon Dollar B2B Ecommerce

Brian Beck provides expert Ecommerce and Digital Transformation advisory services to B2B firms. “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce”, authored by Brian Beck, is a groundbreaking and comprehensive book that gives manufacturers, brands, and distributors the foundational knowledge and step-by-step instructions for planning, launching and growing a successful Ecommerce operation.

Trish Keller

CTO, Citizen Watch

As CTO at Citizen Watch, Trish Keller has an extensive background in CPG, distribution, retail,
wholesale, direct to consumer, digital and e-commerce. She leads multiple teams in the
implementation of ERP and WMS as well as managing the entire technology direction of the
company. As a member of the corporate leadership team, she is a team builder and process
improvement expert. Keller is also responsible for technology initiatives and budget across
the brand.